Our Soccer Camps

Every school holiday period, BARÇA Academy conducts a short but intensive soccer camp for both new and seasoned places to do little else but to just live and breathe soccer.
Our camps vary in location from time to time between those held in Singapore and can span as far as Europe, where participants get to train in FC Barcelona itself with other kids from around the world.
Each camp offers a slightly different experience and syllabus and may include official FC Barcelona merchandise too.
Singapore Camps

Traditionally held over the school holidays, our Singapore Camp caters perfectly for busy parents looking for an enjoyable, healthy activity for the children while instilling in them timeless values such as teamwork. Your child will make new friends as he or she undertakes an intensive course on the proper way to play the beautiful game.

Overseas Camps

The perfect excuse for a family holiday, our overseas camps can take us anywhere in the world where we train with and against students from other BARÇA Academies. Our most popular camp, held in Barcelona, Spain, takes players to train in the real training grounds of FC Barcelona where they get to experience the life of a true professional FC Barcelona player.