What is the Barça Academy SG League?

Our Barça Academy SG League is an adaptation of the Youth League at Barça Academy Barcelona, and it aims to provide competitive exposure to players in their respective age groups. These matches set out to compliment the training players have during the week, and we have officials refereeing our internal matches on Sundays. Through our internal league, we hope to have an enjoyable and challenging  Sunday matches, as well as to prepare aspiring soccer players for external competitions.

Teams and leagues are organised based on the age groups and skill level of players, with medals given out to winners of the league, and certificates to all participating players. Each League Cup is named after our FCBEscola values – Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect, Teamwork. Next one is kicking off not he 19th of August, 2018…What are you waiting for?


How our league works.

Below highlights the overall structure of our league.

  • 7-a-side matches in accordance to the Federació Catalana de Fútbol (FCF) for our Under 10s and Under 12s category.
  • 9-a-side matches for the Under 15s category.
  • Every group (Blue/Red) will consist of 4 teams each.
  • Teams play each other twice in a round robin format.
  • Points are awarded after each match. Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points
  • If two or more teams are tied on points, their position will be determined by Goal Difference, Goals Scored, head-to-head results, coin toss.
  • All teams will then advance into the play-off stages, which consists of semi finals, finals and a third-place playoff.

Pre-match Requirements

  • All players are to arrive at least 20 minutes before the match in full attire.
  • Players are required to wear shin guards.
  • Only FCBEscola jersey, shorts and socks are allowed.
  • Participating age groups for each category are: Under-10s (birth year 2008 or 2009), Under-12s (birth year 2006 or 2007), Under-14s (birth year 2003 , 2004, or 2005)

Match Rules

  • Matches will be 20 minutes long with no break in between.
  • Matches may be postponed due to unsuitable weather.
  • The offside rule will not apply.
  • No cards will be displayed.
  • The referee may instruct the player who has shown a bad attitude or unsporting behavior be substituted.


Follow the groupings to find your reporting times.

Age GroupLeagueTime
U10Blue (Teamwork)09:20 am
U12Blue (Respect)09:20 am
U10Red (Effort)10:20 am
U12Red (Ambition)10:20 am
U15Blue (Humility)11:20 am

Under 10s

Under 12s

Under 15s