Our Training Process.

Traditionally held at St Patricks School, we have expanded our locations to 2 venues for your convenience. Take your pick based on training timings and location.

1. Choose your programme

Pick your preferred playing position. We have specialized courses for goalkeepers and outfielders.

2. Development Training Programme

Learn the foundational skills based on FC Barcelona's training methodology and hone your skills against other contenders.

3. Advanced Training Programme

Intermediate players learn to master their skills as they train twice a week and compete in international tournaments.


Choose your Training.

Goalkeeping Course

Immerse yourself in our training sessions and experience what it is like to train just like a professional FC Barcelona goalkeeper.

Outfield Course

Learn and master different roles in our training sessions before playing the role you were meant to on the soccer pitch.


Different Programmes Based On Proficiency.

New enrolments are assessed during trials and assigned a training programme most suitable for their skill level. Most start out under our Development Training Programme before progressing to the Advanced Training Programme where they start to refine their skills.


Learn the foundational skills taught by FC Barcelona using their official methodology and practice applying core skills into your game. Players will get:

Available for students between 5-14 years of age

Assessed during trial and grouped with players of similar technical level and aptitude.

Choice of 1-3 lessons per week

Close coaching supervision with a 1:12 teacher-student ratio

Players who progress in development will be moved by technical director to a different team to match their development stage.

Trainings for players are conducted in the FCB methodology of 7-aside.

Training days can be on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, with internal league days every alternate Sunday.

Competitive exposure from participation in our internal league

Participation in one local external tournament


Equipped with a solid grasp of core skills, players are selected by our technical director for a more intensive course structured around mastery of skills. Players will get:

Available for students between 7-14 years of age

Handpicked by our technical director from students in development training programme.

Players are required to train 2 times a week and participate in all competitions.

Student-teacher ratio to be determined by technical director.

Players are divided into age bands and skill level of appropriate level.

Trainings for players are conducted in the FCB methodology of 7-aside.

Training days will specifically be on Wednesday, Friday and alternate Sunday external match.

Competitive exposure from participation in external league

Participation in one local external tournament


The Right Place, The Right Time to Train.

Squeeze in a training session in your schedule by picking one of our two training schools, each with their own days and time slots. Click on the school tab you're interested in to know more.

St Patricks School
St. Patricks School.

490 East Coast Road, Singapore 429058

  • Tuesday - 6.30pm to 7.45pm
  • Thursday - 6.30pm to 7.45pm
  • Saturday - 8.30am to 9.45am
  • Saturday - 10am to 11.15am
  • Saturday - 4pm to 5.15pm
  • Saturday - 5.30pm to 6.45pm
Montfort Secondary
Montfort Secondary School

50 Hougang Ave 8, Singapore 538785

  • Saturday - 3.30pm to 4.45pm
  • Saturday - 5.00pm to 6.15pm