Our School Policy.

While we look forward to having you training under our care, there are a few important areas we first need to cover. Below are the house rules that govern how we operate. Please take a few moments to read through them before signing up.

Contact Details and Administrative Hours

Admin Hours: Tues – Sat: 12.00 noon to 6.00pm

Mobile: +65 9270 3428 (SMS Only)


Training and Internal Match Venue

St. Patrick’s School – Soccer Field
490 East Coast Road, Singapore 429058


Montfort Secondary School – Soccer Field
50 Hougang Avenue 8, Singapore 538785

Parking Facilities

Training Sessions at St. Patrick’s School
Entry via School Car Park Entrance along St. Patrick’s Road


Training Sessions at Montfort School
Entry via School Car Park Entrance along Hougang Avenue 8


Sunday Matches
Entry via St. Patrick’s School Fire Emergency Entrance ONLY next to the canal along East Coast Road

Procedure for Make-Up Requests
On Training Days
  • Email in to 5 days prior the date of absence (with the exception of illness).
  • Quote the Date of missed training session, and you preferred make-up session time and date.
  • Attach the relevant documents (Medical Certificate, Travel Itinerary or School Document).
  • Players can only attend the make-up session once approved by admin
  • All make-up sessions must be fulfilled within 60 days from the date of absence, after which it will be forfeited. Approved make up dates are fixed, not to be rescheduled and will be forfeited upon no-shows.
  • PRO-RATED fees are only applicable for players attending Thrice a Week trainings, and may be given under extenuating circumstances (e.g. long term injury) for which supporting document(s) has been submitted.
  • Only the above mentioned conditions will qualify for make-up sessions.
  • A maximum of three (3) makeup request are allowed for each term for players training once a week, six (6) makeup requests for players training twice a week and nine (9) makeup requests for players training thrice a week, otherwise absenteeism for subsequent training will be forfeited.
  • For all other absences from training sessions, Barca Academy Singapore is NOT obligated to provide any make-up sessions.
On Match Days

There are NO make-up lessons/prorated fees for absenteeism on Match Days.

Housekeeping Rules
  1. STRICTLY NO ENTRY on the field at all-time, except for players.
  2. STRICTLY NO VIDEOGRAPHY within the St Patrick’s or Montfort School ground.
  3. REPORTING TIME is 20 minutes before the start of training or match.
  4. All players are STRICTLY required to wear their FCBEscola Singapore kit for all trainings and matches: Red Nike Jersey, Blue Nike Shorts and Socks. No other sets of Jerseys, T-shirts, shorts or colored socks are allowed. Additional kits and gear can be purchased from our registration counter.
On Training Days

Should your child be absent for trainings due to illness/injury, overseas travel or school commitment, we can schedule make-up sessions, provided supporting documents in the form of a Medical Certificate, Travel Ticket/Itinerary or School Letter are submitted.

On Match Days

Internal Match days held on Sundays are Mandatory. There are NO make-up lessons/prorated fees for absenteeism on Match Days.

Inclement Weather Conditions (e.g. haze, lightning)
On Training Days
  • Alternative indoor training will be carried out at the sole discretion of the Technical Director.
  • Barca Academy Singapore is NOT obligated to provide any make-up sessions should there be any absences.
On Match Days
  • Decision to cancel the match due to Inclement Weather will be at the discretion of the Technical Director.
  • There are NO make-up lesson/prorated fees for cancelled Match Days.
Public Holidays
  • There will be NO training sessions held on Public Holidays. Barça Academy Singapore will offer a make-up session for all classes affected due to Public Holiday(s).
  • Players are obligated to attend the allocated make-up session. Barça Academy Singapore is NOT obligated to rearrange any make-up sessions for any absences.
Changing Existing Class Schedule

Should you wish to change your child’s class schedule, please email ONE (1) WEEK in advance with the following details, subject to approval:

  • Original class schedule and the preferred class you wish to switch to.
  • Transfer of class will only commence once approved by the admin.
  • No class transfer is allowed during mid-terms.
  • Upon approval, all class transfers will commence from the first training of the following new term.
Taking a break or withdrawing from training course
  • Requests to put training on-hold for a period of a month or longer are to be emailed to for approval. All requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Should request be approved; a payment of $100 per term is needed to secure the same day and time slot.
  • If you wish to withdraw your child from the programme, please email ONE (1) WEEK in advance to
  • If your child is absent from training for more than a month without any notification, he/she is deemed to have withdrawn from the programme and his/her slot will be forfeited. If he/she wishes to re-join our programme, an administrative fee of S$50 is applicable and subject to availability.
  • Term fees are to be paid before the start of the term, in CASH or NETS only.
  • Early Bird Discount of 5% only applies to existing players before the start of the term and for full term payments..
  • There will be NO REFUND for all fees paid under any circumstances.
  • FAILURE to pay the term fees within the first week of the term will risk in your child’s slot being forfeited.
  • Barca Academy Singapore seeks your utmost understanding/co-operation in the above-mentioned matters.
  • Barca Academy Singapore reserves the right to edit and amend its School Policy as and when it deems fit.
  • Barca Academy Singapore reserves the right to accept, reject or terminate any person from its programme.


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